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We provide a unique telephone service that features text messaging and Call Encryption between users, and point to edge encryption for calls outside our network. Setup is easy, plus you pay with Dogecoin!


  • Denver,CO –(Marketwire3z – May 12, 2014) – Such Calls, LLC

    An exciting new Start-Up technology company located in Denver, Colorado, is launching a new Encrypted Text Message and Voice Calling Service to users. The users will be able to pay for services exclusively in DOGECOIN, a cryptocurrency used on the Internet. The currency was born out of jokes, “the community is so fun and passionate” says Teli Tuketu, Such Calls, Managing Director. “I wanted to support the community. These people use the currency to “tip” each other’s comments on the internet but have also done some really amazing things with it, for example, pairing specially trained dogs with special needs children, the raised $50,000 on a clean water project for Africa, then who could miss the Jamaican bobsled team they got funded back in the past Winter Olympics. There’s just something about the spirit in this community, and I wanted to use what I know and have learned in life, to give back to it.”  The new service provided by Such Calls brings together user communications with the commitment to never compromise, and promise to never stop innovating. “We do it for the lols” Teli says, “But myself and the group brought together, we just naturally want to do something really amazing and make our mark upon this planet. Expect us, we’re ready for our chance to change the world.”

    Such Calls service uses SIP but forces TLS for signalling and SRTP for the audio with user-to-user calls encrypted end-to-end, while calls outside the network to the regular public switched telephone network are encrypted point to edge. ZRTP is also an available option but is currently in Beta.  Signup is easy and they provide an easy to configure app for iPhone and Android devices that only requires you to scan a QR code to sync the app with your account registration details and start using the service to place encrypted calls and text messages. You do not have to rely on Such Call’s app however for trust that your communications are secure, the app works with any sip device, phone or client that supports TLS signalling and SRTP or ZRTP.

    About Such Calls

    Such Calls is a privately owned, encrypted voice over IP (VoIP) technology solution provider. Such Calls offers encrypted voice and SMS services at really competitive prices while free in most cases of intended use.

    To learn more about Such Calls, visit, email: or call 844-700-4141.


    SuchCalls, LLC

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    Dogecoin community raises more than $30K for clean water in Kenya

    By Fernando Alfonso III on Email

    Ever since Dogecoin‘s inception December, users have had far more fun giving away the cryptocurrency than hoarding it.

    With one dogecoin worth literally less than a grain of sand (to be more specific, on Dec. 18 one coin was worth $ 0.00025), Reddit and 4chan users tipped each other hundreds of thousands of coins for pure fun.

    Today this freewheeling tipping culture still exists. But now, it’s really doing some good.

    On Friday mysterious Dogecoin enthusiast @savethemhood donated 14 million Dogecoins via Twitter to Doge4Water, a Dogecoin Foundation-powered wells for clean water in the Tana River area of Eastern Kenya. The campaign was also spearheaded by Eric Nakagawa, the creator of lolcat hub I Can Has Cheezburger.

    @tipdoge tip @Doge4water 14000000 may we all drink water. let the wealthy fill your cup. #savethemhood

    — Hood (@savethemhood) March 16, 2014

    That contribution pushed the total donations to 40 million, or abotu $33,000 at current exchange rates. @savethemhood’s donation has been called the largest dogecoin tip in the cyrptocurrency’s three month history.

    It is astonishing that we have fellow humans on this planet without water. We have the wealth, but not the will. The greedy do nothing….

    — Hood (@savethemhood) March 16, 2014

    Dogecoin enthusiasts have made a habit of donating to charity. They raised hundreds of dollars for Jamaican bobsled team and Indian Olympic hopefuls. The currency was named after the doge meme featuring a perplexed Shiba Inu pup and Comic Sans text. As of Sunday afternoon, one Dogecoin traded at a  $.00083.

    Update: Next Media Animation, the popular Taiwanese parody video creators, have commemorated Doge4Water’s success with one of their patented CGI creations.



    Correction: This story originally used an outdated conversion rate for Dogecoin and as such included an inaccurate estimate of the charity drives contributions in USD.

    Image via Doge4Water

  • The Doge4Water campaign is seeking to raising 40 million dogecoin by 22 March in order to help people in drought-stricken Africa.

    The latest fundraising effort by the dogecoin community is looking to raise money to help provide water for people in drought-striken Kenya.

    The Doge4Water campaign is seeking to raise 40 million dogecoin by Saturday, 22 March which is World Water Day. So far the campaign has raised just north of 16.6 million dogecoin in the eight days since the campaign was launched.

    The Doge4Water campaign was the brainchild of digital currency entrepreneur Eric Nakagawa who has teamed up with the New York-based non-profit water:charity to try and raise funds to support a remote region in Kenya near the Tana River.

    The money raised will go towards buying two drilling wells in Kenya as well as helping to provide access to water and provide locals with the tools to retrieve and store water.

    The video below produced by water:charity shows just how harsh the conditions some Kenyans experience on a daily basis just to secure clean water.


    As with all cryptocurrencies, accurately estimating how much in fiat currency the 40 million dogecoins will be worth when finally converted is difficult, but at the time of publication (based on 1 dogecoin = $0.0008) if the target is met, Doge4Water will have raised $32,000 (£19,270).

    Kenya is one of the world worst affected countries in terms of access to clean, drinkable water and it is projected to have less than a quarter of the water its people need by 2025 thanks to a growing population and climate change.

    Doge4Water is just the latest fundraising effort by the dogecoin community, which has already helped theJamaican bobsled team and a trio of Indian athletes travel to last month’s Sochi Winter Olympics.

    Dogecoin is the meme-based cryptocurrency which started out life as somewhat of a joke but thanks to the vibrant and active community which has built up around it, has carved out a niche for itself within the growing cryptocurrency world.

    In an interview with IBTimes UK in January, founders Jackson Palmer and Billy Markus said they weren’t interested in making millions from their creation, but wanted it to become the “currency of the internet”, perfect for making micro-transactions and tipping people online.

    David Gilbert →


    By Nathan Ingraham on 

    Dogecoin may have started off as a bit of a lark, but it’s actually starting to gain value — and become the cryptocurrency of choice for some surprising fundraising activities. Last month, the Reddit Dogecoin community banded together to try and help the Jamaican bobsled team reach the Sochi winter Olympics, and now the same community is getting involved in a charity to benefit the currency’s namesake. The “Doge4Kids” campaign is attempting to raise money that’ll be donated to 4 Paws For Ability, an organization focused on providing service animals to kids around the world. These service dogs are bred to help children with conditions like autism, Down’s syndrome, diabetes, mobility issues, as well as a number of other conditions

    The Dogecoin community is looking to raise the equivalent of $30,000 to donate to 4 Paws For Ability. This would be enough to fund the raising and training of two litters of service puppies who would be paired off with children as they grew up; it would also cover the expense of placing two adult service dogs with two families in need. It’s a great bit of charity, and one that’s particularly in keeping with the spirit of Dogecoin’s namesake.

    For those of us who might want to donate to the cause but don’t have a stash of Dogecoin, the Doge4Kids team has partnered with crowdfunding operation Crowdtilt — you can contribute to the cause with your credit card here. So far, however, the vast majority of donations appear to be coming in Dogecoin — the team has already rasied over 7.9 million of the 20 million Dogecoin it wants to raise by the end of February.

    Nathan Ingraham
  • Dogecoin raises $30,000 for Jamaican bobsleigh team

    In the ultimate Internet fairytale, the founders of the meme-based crypto-currency have helped send a two-man bobsleigh team to Sochi 2014.

    Meet the Shiba Inu mascot of Dogecoin.Dogecoin

    Such rhythm! So rhyme! Wow — it’s bobsled time. In the ultimate Internet fairytale, the founders of amusing meme-based crypto-currency Dogecoin have raised nearly enough money for a two-man bobsleigh team from Jamaica to go to the Winter Olympics.

    After the story of Winston Watts and Marvin Dixon qualifying for Sochi 2014 went viral online — thanks to the Internet’s collective nostalgia for 1993′s “Cool Runnings” — it became clear Jamaica’s first trip to the Winter Games since 2002 might founder for want of funds.

    “We need about $40,000 for travel and also to buy new runners for the sled because we can’t go to an Olympics with only one set,”Watts told the BBC.

    The Dogecoin Foundation, founders of the shiba-inu fronted online currency, quickly started, a tip jar for the Caribbean ice racers. It had all the ingredients for a whirlwind of virality — a funny pet-related meme, bitcoin, nostalgia, money-raising, and lovable ’80s funny man John Candy.

    More than 26 million Dogecoins, worth $30,000, were donated in just a couple of hours, with enthusiastic fans buying so much of the currency that it massively inflated its value. Other online fundraisers for the team have nearly matched that total.

    Jamaica’s Olympic team has also raised money for the bobsledders.Team Jamaica

    “We noticed the value of Dogecoin had more than doubled since we’d last checked,” Dogecoin founder Liam Butler told The Guardian, “so we raced back to my house to ensure we could get the best price for the donations in a form the team could actually use.

    “As much as we have faith in Dogecoin to become the community currency of the Internet, we still understand that the team need to buy their airfares in a fiat currency,” Butler said.

    The comic-sans currency made the news last week when it emerged that it accounted for more transaction volume than all other cryptocurrencies combined, although this was largely due to each coin’s tiny value. It was also the subject of a hack last month , with $16,000 worth going missing.