Such Calls - SO CRYPTO

We provide a unique telephone service that features text messaging and Call Encryption between users, and point to edge encryption for calls outside our network. Setup is easy, plus you pay with Dogecoin!


We have a dream of connecting the world together in a such a way where we are free to speak our thoughts, passions, and the successes and failures we all have, without fear of injury to our personhood. We believe this is necessary for evolving the human species, moving innovation, correcting the wrongs and building a better tomorrow. It’s the communication with each other that we believe is the real gamechanger.  It’s our mission to take what we have collectively learned over the last 25 years in the industry and provide a network platform connecting individuals together in a secure manner. We are focused on the user, not profits. People Before Profits, Always.–
We’re just a couple of engineers that love to build useful things. Join us for the lols, but take heart in knowing our cause is just, and we’re just getting started.

 “When it comes to matters of the heart, for truth and for what is right, don’t compromise.”