Such Calls - SO CRYPTO

We provide a unique telephone service that features text messaging and Call Encryption between users, and point to edge encryption for calls outside our network. Setup is easy, plus you pay with Dogecoin!


We’re the first mobile comunications provider in the world to accept cryptocurrency as the only form of payment and also encrypt all forms of communication services provided. And […]

We believe in the principal that everyone’s communications when expected to be private, should be private, and should be a standard. You wouldn’t sign in to your email […]

Want the Caller ID to display your work phone or mobile phone? No problem. You’re able to set it on the fly at no extra charge. This feature […]

Every user account comes with a telephone number and the ability to send and receive text messages. SMS is free. So nice.  

Such Calls has a unique feature that allows users to create call conferences on the fly. When a user dials 2663 (spells CONF) followed by any set of […]

Shibe to Shibe calls are always free. On-NET calls and SMS also supports signalling and media Encryption. Which is pretty good, man..